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American made Setwell hangers lead the way in fine garment care.  Others have tried to duplicate the Setwell - Setwell is still the leader with American Men.  Women, too, prefer Setwell hangers for bells, flairs and skirts.  American women are, likewise, conscious of the highest standard of quality "American Made."

Setwell's Famous Exclusive Features:

  • Our new exclusive bright hardware
  • Select Northern hardwoods
  • Exclusive steel roller assures smooth opening and closing
  • No sag or droop thanks to grooves inside holders
  • Self-opening springs make them easier to use
  • Space-saver hooks
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Bells, Flairs & Skirt Hangers
No. 0217
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No. 0117 - click for a larger view
Trouser & Slack Hangers
No. 0117
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