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French Collar


In the best Setwell tradition, we have redesigned the French Collar Hanger, which retains the appearance of strength, but is lighter weight and less bulky.  The strategic shaping of the shoulder lines prevent jacket distortion and maintain the original fit and shape.  This is truly the finest garment hanger.

No. 720 - click for larger view
(Click picture for larger view)
No. 720

The 720 fits the hanger to the suit. 20" width for suits sizes 46 and up.  This fine hanger is also offered in 18" width for suit sizes up to 44 through order number 718.
No. 750 - click for larger view
(Click picture for larger view)
No. 750

The Deluxe Combo Hanger is the traditional Setwell Trouser hanger and the new "Big Guy" 720.  This combo is also offered with an 18" hanger through order number 748.

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